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Provision of Archaeological Investigations in Order to Achieve the Recovery, Synthesis and Dissemination of Archaeological Resources.

AS is a service provider not a manufacturer.

This Quality Manual System encompasses all of AS' offices, all field work projects, all tasks and all personnel.

Archaeological Solutions undertakes the full range of archaeological investigations:

-Archaeological assessments and evaluations
-Archaeological excavations
-Building surveys
-Post-excavation services

It provides an archaeological service to both public and private sectors.

On behalf of developers (public and private) Archaeological Solutions (AS) seeks to undertake the full range of archaeological investigations required under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (2019). The Investigations will be undertaken in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner, allowing archaeological conditions to be discharged and developments to proceed at the earliest opportunity.

AS seeks to achieve the recovery, synthesis and dissemination of the archaeological resource to the highest professional standards.

Throughout the execution of each project AS will operate with the highest regard for Health and Safety, its commitment to the IiP scheme, its CIfA RO status and ISO 9001 & 14001, SMAS, CHAS and Avetta.

-AS seeks to undertake the full range of archaeological investigations required under NPPF
-AS seeks to achieve absolute client satisfaction on all of its projects.
-AS seeks to support and develop its staff throughout the organisation
-AS seeks to support and promote the CIfA



The policy encompasses all of AS' offices, all fieldwork projects, all tasks and all personnel.

AS is committed to reducing its environmental impacts and to developing a culture of continuous environmental improvement through:

-Ensuring that AS remain compliant with all legal and all other requirements

-Maximising efficiency, both within our own activities and by ensuring that we offer our clients the most efficient solution to their needs
-Minimising waste and maximising recovery, re-use and recycling as opposed to disposal where feasible
-Minimising energy use
-Where appropriate encourage and monitor AS' suppliers and contractors to ensure that they comply with environmental standards
-Setting and reviewing environmental objectives, targets and performance measures on an ongoing basis
-Providing employees with an understanding of this environmental policy and their role in influencing improvement in environmental performance
-Striving for continuous environmental improvement
-Preventing pollution.


The Director has ultimate authority on all environmental matters and is responsible for ensuring that adequate resources are allocated to maintain AS' Environmental Management System (EMS).

The Director seeks to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve the EMS so as to achieve the intended outcomes.

The Quality Assurance & Environmental representative is responsible for maintaining the Environmental Management System (EMS) and reporting to the Director and Senior Management.

All personnel are responsible for the implementation of AS' EMS and ensuring that documented practices are followed in their daily routine.

Director: Claire Halpin McDonald

February 2020


AS will:

Comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HASWA) and all subordinate regulations.

Provide working conditions which will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, a healthy and safe working environment.

Provide a system for consultation with employees on Health Safety and Welfare (HS&W) matters.

Put particular emphasis on identifying HS&W requirements at an early stage of planning new contracts, projects and building works to avoid waste in effort and resources through later rectification measures.

Provide and maintaining suitable premises, ensure that all equipment supplied by the company is safe to use, and providing all reasonably practicable safeguards and precautions against accidents.

Overall responsibility for HS&W within AS is vested in the Director of the company. This Health and Safety at Work Policy Statement, which is to be observed by all employees of the company, underlines the importance which the Director attaches to the HS&W of company employees and all visitors (including contractors).

AS Health and Safety Policy (HS001) details the procedures for monitoring the effectiveness of these arrangements in identifying, assessing and controlling potential hazards. They are an integral part of the overall statement of policy required under the HASWA.

All employees are required to comply with this policy statement and instructions issued in respect of any duty or requirement imposed on the employer or on them as individuals by or under any relevant statutory provisions. Any changes to this document will be brought to the notice of all employees.


All staff will be provided with a current Organisational Objectives (core staff) or Project Details (project excavation staff) in order to clarify the direction of efforts required.

A formal induction process will be provided for all staff - when joining the organisation and when taking on additional responsibilities or projects. An analysis of skills required, held and training needs will be carried out through the use of pro forma documentation.

All staff will be included and involved in the company training programme in order to develop their skills and potential.

A training budget will be allocated in line with company policy.

A formal analysis of skills held will be carried out at least annually, reviewed half yearly, and whenever it is felt appropriate and supportive.

Training will be linked to external standards e.g. NVQs and IfA guidelines, where appropriate.

All staff will be encouraged to raise the issue of training when they feel they need, at the earliest time, when discussion will be scheduled.

The company will support all staff by providing resources (in line with AS policy), time - by enabling them to be made available for training events, coverage and support for internal training.


Equal opportunities is an aspect of human resource management concerned with the provision of equal access in staff recruitment, selection, training, promotion and retention, and equal opportunity for a positive work experience and environment.

Archaeological Solutions (AS) is committed to a policy of equal opportunities in archaeology, and its implementation through a programme of positive action.

This policy aims to heighten awareness of equity issues amongst members of AS, and ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment or access to opportunities for training and development on the grounds of age, gender, marital status, disability, race, religious belief, ethnic or national origins, sexual orientation, or any other grounds not relevant to employment practice.

All staff must practice ethical and responsible behaviour in dealing with employees and colleagues. Appropriate conduct includes refraining from racial and sexual discrimination and harassment. Such behaviour may lead to allegations of improper conduct requiring an investigation in accordance with the provisions of the AS Disciplinary Regulations.

Henceforth AS will observe a policy of non-sexist and non-discriminatory language in its by-laws, administration, publications, and presentations.

Through its Training Policy AS is committed to a programme of positive action to make this policy fully effective.

AS actively pursues a policy of providing equal opportunity to all its employees for internal training and advancement, and to its applicants for employment. It does so without regard to race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origin, marital status, age, sex or disability.

By appointing and promoting employees purely on the basis of their performance, experience, ability and potential contribution.

By rewarding employees in the same manner, for all similarly classified duties, and assessing objectively their performance and potential.

By providing all employees with equal access to appropriate training programmes for personal development.

By providing facilities and activities on equal terms to all similarly classified employees.

In order that AS may maintain a positive work environment for all employees, employees are required not to engage in or permit any fellow employee to engage in any sexual, racial or other harassment of our unlawful discrimination against any person (whether or not an employee of AS), in the course of their employment.




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