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New Book by AS published

The results of AS' excavations conducted at Black Horse Farm, Sawtry, Cambs. have been published as a monograph in the BAR British Series

Between 2002 and 2008, AS conducted several phases of archaeological work at Black Horse Farm. The work revealed middle Iron Age to early Romano-British activity representing a small, at least partially enclosed, settlement, followed in later phases by enclosures and systems of land division used for agricultural purposes. During the Iron Age, the site was situated on the fen edge and occupied a low promontory reaching out into the fen. The history of occupation at the site is punctuated by alluvial events, associated with changes in the local fenland environment and it is likely that occupation was also hampered by a generally high watertable.

Due to the site's location on the fen-edge it was very well preserved as it had been effectively sealed by a series of alluvial events. This provided a rare opportunity to investigate a domestic Iron Age settlement that had escaped the worst impacts of modern deep ploughing. It is this level of preservation that makes the site of particular significance.

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